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Most people are used to buying through stores. So why are these products sold exclusively through distributors?

Skin care companies spend a fortune on advertising. Notice that when you walk into a department store, the first thing you usually see is skin care and perfume. These companies pay a premium for the best real estate in the store. And how much Acne do you think they spend on those TV ads and glossy ads in magazines?

This means that they have less income left over Acne Acne to spent on research and development and ingredients for their products. As a result, you'll find that skin care products often contain one or two useful ingredients and a lot of cheap filler.

Another way to find customers is to rely on word of mouth. For this to Acne work, your products have to be really good, Acne or else people won't tell their friends about them. Fortunately, word of mouth advertising is free, which leaves a lot of money for creating great Acne products.

My company uses a strategy that is in between these two. When people tell Acne their friends about the products, the company compensates them for the referral. In order to be paid by the company, you need to register as a distributor. Distributors use the products and learn about the ingredients and how they work, so that they can educate their customers about what makes the products different. Although distributors are Acne paid well, Acne compensating them is not as expensive as advertising, Acne so the company can invest in research and powerful ingredients, and create excellent skin care products.

A distributor is your personal information source about the skin care products. They're there to help you make orders and returns if you need them, and to answer your questions. If they don't know the answers, they Acne contact the specialists at the company and get the answers for you. It's like having a personal skin care consultant.

If you like skin care and want to make some extra money, email me to find out what it takes to become a distributor.

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